Toronto’s See-Scape is the city’s original Sci-Fi and Cyber Punk bar, cafe and event space. Their website was redesigned to consolidate their theme feel, make it easier for customers to find basic information and to book and reserve the bar.

See-Scape offers rentable many board games and video games while guests are able to enjoy some drinks and food. The bar cafe also has an upstairs area where many events are held, such as Karaoke Nights, Magic Nights, Movie Nights, concerts, etc. They can also rent out the space for private parties, music shows, workshops, etc.

After checking out their website, I approached the client and offered my website design services. When I met up with the owner, she needed a website that has a unified cyberpunk look and feel in all their pages, is easy for customers to find basic information such as hours, address, and phone number, and is accessible for customers to book the upstairs space for events or make reservations.

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